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  Governments and business must tackle Internet address shortage together, says OECD Download  
  ARIN Board Advises Internet Community on Migration to IPv6 (21-5-2007) Download  
  Endorsed at APNIC 24: Community resolution on IPv4 and IPv6 issues (06-09-2007) Download  
  AfriNIC Board takes position on IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 adoption (02-08-2007) Download  
  AfriNIC advise Operators for immediate action on IPv6 (25-07-2007) Download  
  LACNIC anuncia el inminente agotamiento de las direcciones IPv4 (20-06-2007) Download  
  Large Space IPv4 Trial Usage Program for Future IPv6 Deployment, Proposal Download  
  USA Office of Enterprise Architecture Management Download  
  USA NIST Download  
  USA DoD Download  
  USA Department of Commerce Download  
  NATO begins making the case for moving to IPv6 Download  
  Mexico's proposal for promoting new technologies (Spanish) Download  
  Govt to launch "Malaysia 886" ICT plan by year-end Download  
  Large Space IPv4 Trial Usage Program for Future IPv6 Deployment, Activities Update Vol.8 Download  
  Large Space IPv4 Trial Usage Program for Future IPv6 Deployment, Activities Update Vol.7 Download  
  IPv6 Transition Field Trial Download  
  Chinese Government Reiterates its IPv6 Commitment Download  
  USA General Services Administration Download  
  United Nations and IPv6 Download  
  ICANN Ratifies Global Policy for Allocation of IPv6 Addresses Download  
  Korea Moves into 'Ubiquitous' Mode Download  
  A New Zealand E-Government Interoperability Framework Download  
  Government Shared Network considering IPv6 Download  
  New Zealand way behind on IPv6 Download  
  El Salvador's Commitment (Spanish) Download  
  US DoD to deploy IPv6 Download  
  US Commerce Dept weighs IPv6 for government-wide use Download  
  The cost of NAT Download  
  Pentagon to Outline IPv6 Progress Download  
  DOD is developing a roadmap for getting to IPv6 Download  
  DoD announce for gradually implementing IPv6 Download  
  Recomendation of the Natial Strategy to Secure Cyberspace to adopt IPv6 Download  
  Recommendation of the e-GIF programme for the procurement of IPv6-capable devices Download  
  IPv6 in the Spanish 2004-2007 R&D Programme Download  
  Experts urge RP to adopt newer Internet technologies Download  
  All government departments are expected to be IPv6 compliant by 2008 Download  
  Opening up the last-mile market Download  
  Waterford-based researchers brief Minister on wireless mobility Download  
  India invites Japan to invest in Indian telecom sector Download  
  Maran's 10-point agenda for Indian IT Download  
  Recommendations for a Strategic Plan of IPv6 in France Download  
  Australian group to lobby for IPv6 Download  
  Australian military to deploy IPv6 Download  
  Barcelona European Council 15 and 16 March 2002: Presidency Conclusions Download  
  Priorities for action in migrating to the new Internet Protocol IPv6 Download  
  WG4: Trials Framework Report Download  
  WG3: Next Generation Applications Report Download  
  WG2: Mobile Wireless Report Download  
  WG1: Internet Infrastructure Report Download  
  Main Task Force Report Download  
  Press Release: IPv6 2005 Roadmap Recommendations Download