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  IPv6 Trials Framework - First Thoughts on strategic issues for the IPv6 Task Force Download  
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  6NET Project - A real IPv6 Testbed for Europe Download  
  Euro6IX Project - The Pan-European IPv6 IX Backbone Download  
  The Armstrong IPv6 Project Download  
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  Welcome presentation by J. da Silva Download  
  A contribution to the EU IPv6 Taskforce Download  
  Sony - EU IPv6 Task Force Download  
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  SIEMENS - IPv6 Task Force Download  
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  which prevent Deutsche Telekom AG to quickly Download  
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  Press Release: Commission calls for rapid move towards IPv6 Download  
  AdHoc IPv6 Concertation Minutes Download  
  Extracts from the Stockholm Conclusions Download  
  e-Europe 2002 action Plan Download  
  3G Comunication Download  
  Draft terms of reference for the Task Force Download  
  Invitation by R. Verrue Download  
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